My still life works focus on interior space, the furniture within them, and still lifes. The still lifes in the paintings are objects found in everyday life.


The artist Giorgio Morandi believed that nothing is more abstract and unreal than the world that people see. Everything is taken back to its essential reality. I observe and explore the nature of objects as Morandi did, but capturing light and air is also part of my observation. By showing the intangible, I can express the "real" that I want to portray. 


I also appreciate Andrew Wyeth's work and his painting philosophy. He shows the things people see in daily life but in an unfamiliar way. Desaturated color and muted energy evoke a touch of nostalgia. I respond to the sense of distance in his work. I want to paint a space that belongs to me, that implies me, where I find myself which gives the audience a sense of relief and peace.